Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 2

The readings for today are Psalms 9 through 16 and Proverbs 2 and 3.
To get us started, here is Psalm 9 set to music:
I hope you enjoy that.
Discussion Questions:
Psalm 9: Verses 9 and 10, How can we apply “refuge for the oppressed” today? Do we apply it? How do we answer a person who reads verse 10 and feels forsaken even though they are seeking the Lord?
Psalm 10: Verse 1, some folks might say that God is standing far off today. What do you think? Why?
Psalm 11: Verse 3, do we see folks who have had their foundations destroyed? What can we do for them; what can they do for themselves?
Psalm 12: My study notes state that this psalm “charges the wicked for using words to destroy and hurt others.” How often do good people with good intentions do that as well?
Psalm 13: This song jumps off the page as if it were written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960’s. How long? How can we use this psalm to reach the oppressed?
Psalm 14: This psalm talks a lot about those who deny God. Certainly we see a lot of this today. But what about those who deny God exists yet do great things to help others in the world? How might they be judged in the end?
Psalm 15: The residents of God’s tabernacle…do any of us fully meet these standards?
Psalm 16: Verse 2 “you are my Lord, my goodness is nothing apart from You.” Think about that.

Proverb 2: There is some talk here about the young man going out and making sure that he’s not corrupted by those immoral women. How often do we see this type of talk today where the righteous young men are supposedly being tempted by the wicked young ladies, what with their bare shoulders and knees showing and all? Think about this.
Proverb 3: Verse 13, what is wisdom? How can we find it?


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