Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 4

The readings for today are Psalms 20 through 24 and Proverb 5.
Study Questions
Psalm 20: I am beginning to understand why Billy Graham said he reads these every day to learn about the nature of God. In this Psalm we read a lot about victory coming from the Lord. How do we talk to folks who do not feel that God is delivering them from their struggles? (That’s becoming a bit of a theme in my questions)
Psalm 21: Parts of this Psalm might seem odd for the Christian reader. What do you think about verses 8 through 12 in regards to the nature of God?
Psalm 22: It seems like the writer might be a bit angry here. Is it OK to get angry with God during our prayers?
Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd…Think about the constant talk about shepherds in the Bible. What might it mean?
Psalm 24: Verses 4 and 5, what do you think about that? How does it compare with our talk about “the least of these” and working with people to make them better?

Proverb 5: Bring this to the modern context. How do we work with male-as-protagonist vs. female-as-antagonist language such as this in the modern context?


One thought on “Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 4

  1. Ben Morris says:

    Great insights, John. I guess regarding Psalm 21 for the Christian reader, how does one define his or her enemies? If we define it our enemies as sin, it takes on a different context. God through Christ has asserted its authority in spiritual warfare on behalf of humanity.

    In the Proverb, the male is written seemingly as the protagonist. I would argue the text places the male in as much a place of blame/responsiblity as the female. “Should your springs be scattered abroad, streams of water in the streets?” The writer is aware that both male and female are prone to sexual promiscuity.

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