Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 5

Todays readings are Psalms 25 through 30 and Proverb 6.
So today’s questions come from the IV Press site:
Psalm 25: Three times David uses the term remember. What would you want God to remember (and not remember) about you?
Psalm 27: In what kinds of situations do you find it hardest to wait?
The psalm ends as it begins—with David’s confidence in the Lord’s help (vv. 13-14). How can David’s view of God help you to “be strong and take heart” in the midst of suffering?
Psalm 29: How does observing the power of God in both nature and in his own actions help us understand the nature and role of worship in our lives?
Psalm 30: What insight into life does David gain by acknowledging that painful as well as pleasurable experiences come from God (v. 5)?
How do verses 6-7 describe David’s sense of dependence on God?

I’ll try to be back with the self-generated questions tomorrow. Peace be with you.


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