Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 6

Todays readings are Psalms 31 through 34 and Proverb 7.

Psalm 31: Consider a time in your life when you felt that others (perhaps non-Christians) held you in contempt and avoided you. How did it affect you?
What was your relationship with God like at that time?
What encouragement from God do you need to continue in a harsh world?

Psalm 32: How do you think this Psalm aligns with modern Christian belief?

Psalm 33: Verse 12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Can this be distorted out of context into modern society?

Psalm 34: Verse 22. Interesting promise. Is “trust” all that is required?

Proverb 7: It seems that we’re reading more about the righteous man being corrupted by the evil women. Thoughts?


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