Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 8

The readings for today are Psalms 38 through 41, Psalm 152 (text below), and Proverb 9.

Psalm 152
The Prayer of Hezekiah when enemies surrounded him
152 With a loud voice glorify ye God; in the assembly of many proclaim ye His glory.
2Amid the multitude of the upright glorify His praise; and speak of His glory with the righteous.
3Join yourselves (literally, your soul) to the good and to the perfect, to glorify the Most High.
4Gather yourselves together to make known His strength; and be not slow in showing forth His deliverance [and His strength] and His glory to all babes.
5That the honour of the Lord may be known, wisdom hath been given; and to tell of His works it hath been made known to men:
6to make known unto babes His strength, and to make them that lack understanding (literally, heart) to comprehend His glory;
7who are far from His entrances and distant from His gates:
8because the Lord of Jacob is exalted, and His glory is upon all His works.
9And a man who glorifies the Most High, in him will He take pleasure; as in one who offers fine meal, and as in one who offers he-goats and calves;
10and as in one who makes fat the altar with a multitude of burnt offerings; and as the smell of incense from the hands of the just.
11From thy upright gates shall be heard His voice, and from the voice of the upright admonition.
12And in their eating shall be satisfying in truth, and in their drinking, when they share together.
13Their dwelling is in the law of the Most High, and their speech is to make known His strength.
14How far from the wicked is speech of Him, and from all transgressors to know Him!
15Lo, the eye of the Lord taketh pity on the good, and unto them that glorify Him will He multiply mercy, and from the time of evil will He deliver their soul.
16Blessed be the Lord, who hath delivered the wretched from the hand of the wicked; who raiseth up a horn out of Jacob and a judge of the nations out of Israel;
17that He may prolong His dwelling in Zion, and may adorn our age in Jerusalem.


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