Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 15

Today’s readings are Psalms 73 through 77, Psalm 153 (text below), and Proverb 17.

Psalm 153
When the People obtained permission from Cyrus to return home

153 O Lord, I have cried unto Thee; hearken Thou unto me.
2I have lifted up my hands to Thy holy dwelling-place; incline Thine ear unto me.
3And grant me my request; my prayer withhold not from me.
4Build up my soul, and destroy it not; and lay it not bare before the wicked.
5Them that recompense evil things turn Thou away from me, O judge of truth.
6O Lord, judge me not according to my sins, because no flesh is innocent before Thee.
7Make plain to me, O Lord, Thy law, and teach me Thy judgments;
8and many shall hear of Thy works, and the nations shall praise Thine honour.
9Remember me and forget me not; and lead me not into things that be too hard for me.
10The sins of my youth make Thou to pass from me, and my chastisement let them not remember against me.
11Cleanse me, O Lord, from the evil leprosy, and let it no more come unto me.
12Dry up its roots in (literally, from) me, and let not its leaves sprout within me.
13Great art Thou, O Lord; therefore my request shall be fulfilled from before Thee.
14To whom shall I complain that he may give unto me? and what can the strength of men add [unto me]?
15From before Thee, O Lord, is my confidence; I cried unto the Lord and He heard me, and healed the breaking of my heart.
16I slumbered and slept; I dreamed and was helped, and the Lord sustained me.
17They sorely pained my heart; I will return thanks because the Lord delivered me.
18Now will I rejoice in their shame; I have hoped in Thee, and I shall not be ashamed.
19Give Thou honour for ever, even for ever and ever.
20Deliver Israel Thine elect, and them of the house of Jacob Thy proved one.


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