Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 16

Today’s readings are Psalm 78 and 79 and Proverb 18.

Sorry for the break in posting questions. Since Psalm 78 is fairly long, I’ll ask a couple questions from there.

Psalm 78: In verse 9 we read about the Ephraimites who did not keep covenants. Are we, as a society today, failing to keep certain covenants that have been made with God?
Verse 21 “The lord was full of rage.” How does that strike the Christian reader?
Verse 32: “In spite of all this they still sinned.” Things never change. How are folks like this today?
Psalm 79: Verses 5 through 7, how does this read in the modern context? How would we respond to a pastor or lay person who called on God to “pour out your anger” on other nations?

Proverb 18: Verse 14: “The human spirit will endure sickness; but a broken spirit–who can bear?” Do you feel that it is important when talking to friends in times of need or, for the professional, providing pastoral care to address the whole person and attempt to soothe and heal the spirit?


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