Psalms and Proverbs Reading Day 29

Today’s readings are Psalms 140 through 145, Psalm 155 (text below), and Proverb 30.

Psalm 155
Spoken by David when returning thanks to God, who had delivered him from the lion and the wolf and he had slain both of them
155 Praise the Lord, all ye nations; glorify Him, and bless His name:
2Who rescued the soul of His elect from the hands of death, and delivered His holy one from destruction:
3and saved me from the nets of Sheol, and my soul from the pit that cannot be fathomed.
4Because, ere my deliverance could go forth from before Him, I was well nigh rent in two pieces by two wild beasts.
5But He sent His angel, and shut up from me the gaping mouths, and rescued my life from destruction.
6My soul shall glorify Him and exalt Him, because of all His kindnesses which He hath done and will do unto me.


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