Trump, Evangelicals, and the Road Ahead

A very interesting and very truthful Christian view on one of our current political candidates and how he stacks up with traditional Christian views. This writing and a number of other things should prompt Christians to ask the hard question of whether or not Trump and his speech really represents the Christian qualities that folks claim to want in a candidate?

David F. Watson

In 1934, at the age of 28, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a letter to a friend about an upcoming conference that would involve members of churches from several countries and denominations. In this letter, he wrote, “We must make it clear—fearful as it is—that the time is very near when we shall have to decide between National Socialism and Christianity. It may be fearfully hard and difficult for us all, but we must get right to the root of things, with open Christian speaking and no diplomacy. And in prayer together we will find the way.”[1] This was before the Holocaust began, before WWII began. But Bonhoeffer saw that one could not embrace the Christian faith and embrace the political tide of his nation that was so enamored with the Nazi party. The two simply were not compatible. On April 9th, 1945, he was executed for his part in the…

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One thought on “Trump, Evangelicals, and the Road Ahead

  1. Tammy says:

    Trump may be braisen and out spoken, but is that any different than someone who just doesn’t speak and hides the truth? Any which way, we are coned into electing someone who does not depict what we want.

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