About Me

I’m married with two kids. We currently live in the most important city in the world and we have crappy cell service.

I’m in the Coast Guard. Not going to say any more than that because the bosses are all worried about ISIS and stuff. If you want to know more about me, ask.

I’m been a member of the LDS Church since 2007. I was baptized on Holy Saturday and confirmed the same night. Since then I’ve been called to serve as a Sunday School counselor, youth Sunday School teacher, Assistant Ward Mission Leader, and, now, Elder’s Quorum 1st Counselor. I’m presently in school working towards a Master of Divinity degree with the intent of becoming a chaplain in the US Navy or Army.

I’m a pretty big golfer. I play less than I would like to play these days, though. I’m presently a 2 handicap, officially, though there is virtually no chance I could actually play to that. My best round is a 67, but that was almost ten years ago now. I was an instructor prior to joining the Coast Guard and I still remember how to give lessons…however, since I can’t take payment for them anymore, I only give lessons to friends on rare occasions.

This is a new addition to the blog since I’ve gotten back into running for fitness and a little bit of competition. My current personal records are:
1 mile: 7:51 is the fastest I’ve timed and can document. I ran a 6:30 +/- pace in Officer Candidates School for the Marine Corps in 2004 while running the 3 mile Physical Fitness Test.
5K: 24:05, Tiger Trot 5K on April 10, 2005. I ran roughly 19:30 in a Physical Fitness Test once, but I am not counting that.
10K: 58:51, Joe Kleinerman 10K, January 10, 2015.
Half Marathon: 1:54:06, Crystal Coast Half Marathon on February 28, 2009
Marathon: Ask me on November 2nd after the NYC Marathon.
Other race distances on the schedule for this year may include 4 miles (those seem to be very popular up here), 10 miles, and 15K.


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