Lauren Hill and Acting Like a Christian

Lauren Hill, the inspirational basketball player with a brain tumor, died back in April. She touched a lot of people and I’ll offer a brief commentary on this. I meant to write this immediately after her death, but that didn’t happen. Article here. So, I am not sure what her religious views are. She could be atheist, could be Evangelical, moderate, Catholic, or anything else. However, her actions are decidedly Christian. The article notes that she started a foundation to raise money for cancer research and had raised $1.5 million by the time of her death. This is a person who started to make a real difference in the community. All Christians need to be more like this.

As a secondary thought, I have to call out some of the celebrities who made comments about this. Specifically, I remember LeBron James saying on Twitter that he wished that he had been able to meet her. To this, I say that he must not have wanted to meet her too bad. I think he just said that because it sounds cool and nice. You see, LeBron James does not have trouble meeting most people who he’d like to meet. Certainly were he want to have lunch with the President, the Pope, or the Queen of England, it might take some real work. But he could have met with her any day he wanted simply by making a phone call. So, while the statement sounds cool, I think the reasonable person can see that it’s a load of nonsense. Celebrities who want to meet people get to meet them, it’s that simple. He didn’t really want to meet her, it just sounded cool to say that.

Hopefully she’s found peace. Hopefully her legacy can live on. Indeed it will live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew her and who were touched by her. Peace be with you.