New Year’s Worship

This was supposed to be published on January 1, but that slipped past. To kick off the new year, I want to discuss how we should handle a situation where we find that the “orthodox” belief of religion does not agree with our own sincerely held belief. Peace be with you all and have a blessed new year.


The Joy of an Unexpected Child

We often see children born today where the pregnancy was not expected. Jesus came from a pregnancy that was not expected. Look at the joy he brought to the world.

Thank You

Thank you to all who joined in to watch the first worship service that I put out. Hopefully you enjoyed the worship and maybe you even enjoyed it so much that you’ll tell a couple friends to join in this week. I’ll be posting this week at the same times as last week, 7pm on Saturday, 10am on Sunday, and 6pm on Sunday. Obviously this was the first week that I put together, so I’ll be working each week to improve the video quality, from the music selections, background images, transfers from music to speaking to music, and the location for all the readings and the sermon.